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SAFEX® had already in 1973 developed its first stage bloodline with the aim of being able to offer a deceptively similar  blood imitation suitable for special effects purposes, which does not only look realistic but also flows in the right way and at the same time is easy to wash out.

This development has meanwhile resulted in 3 effect blood categories and some specialities, which cover practically all wishes:

UNIVERSAL-EFFECT BLOOD, the most versatile and easiest removable “high-tech blood”.

FILM & THEATER SFX-BLOOD which is inexpensive and can also be used for bloodshed scenes (splatter effects) and training purposes in disaster control training. As before, it is easy to wash out, as well as available in special colours.

MAGIC MOVIE BLOOD© for special applications where blood effects should be clearly visible on dark surfaces. Genuine or realistically imitated artificial blood can only be seen on dark surfaces as a wet, dark stain and practically never looks red. Though not in line with reality, however, for film and theatre purposes, a strong red, good opaque blood is needed that can be seen well even in difficult lighting conditions.